Kathy Berman Social Marketing and Content Management


If you want new customers, you need to shift where you spend your marketing money. A website costs money to build and to maintain. Websites aren’t social–there is no interaction. It is there and is quickly out of sight. In building a larger customer base, we have to interact with the customers we have.

Your customer needs to able to interact with you. Without this interaction, your presence has the impact of a billboard.  Adding social media to your landing page invites new customers to interact with you.

Kathy Berman Social Marketing offers a large inventory of published posts that you can choose from to use on you site. You know when you buy them exactly what you are getting.

The most important feature about an online feature is the ability of your customer to communicate with you. Chat allows a treatment center to communicate immediately with someone wanting to come to treatment.

But most visitors to an addiction recovery site click on and then click off very quickly. This is called your bounce rate. It can be found from your Google analytics by taking the number of visitors to your site that leave within 10 seconds.

Building up site so that it can be a recovery resource center will mean that readers will return again and again to the site. Adding more and more content to the site will help the site to become an authority about recovery.

Social media should be interconnected and maintained on a regular basis. In building a larger customer base, we have to interact with the customers we have.

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